KUDUwave 5 Updates. 

KUDUwave 5 is the result of almost 10 years of software development offering a clean, simple and efficient interface. 
Like KUDUwave audiometers, KUDUwave 5 combines best-in-class technologies to help speed up common tasks without compromising on quality or speed.


Version (19 June 2018)

This update includes bug fixes and improvements for your KUDUwave. This update:

  • Added Milestone baseline (audiometric zero) and STS to the KUDUwave 5 Assistive Interpretations. These interpretations are based on the OSHA standards

Version (18 June 2018)

This update includes bug fixes and improvements for your KUDUwave.

  • Added the ability to save a test by pressing CTRL+S
  • Bug fix ensures automatic school screening tests automatically retest any frequency that the patient failed

Version (17 June 2018)


  • Talk forward now automatically activates before and after testing to allow for easier communication with the patient


  • Bug fix where x-check incorrectly failed when testing with warble tones as a default


  • Enabled export of KUDUwave data by date range 
  • Fixed QR code search bug

Version (7 June 2018)

Various bug fixes and optimisations within pure tone audiometry interface

  • Added the ability to show or hide audiogram controls during testing

Dashboards/Smart Folder

  • Added a ''Hearing screening for humanitarian outreach'' Smart Folder.
    This New Smart Folder will increase efficiency of hearing tests by testing only the frequencies relevant and necessary for screening.

Pure Tone Audiometry

  • Now records maximum masking levels during air conduction testing

Version (7 June 2018)

KUDUwave Electronic Medical Record

  • Digitally sign a clinical note or test with a drawing pad
  • Fixes an issue that required one to have a default printer set before using the EMR
  • KUDUwave 5 now warns you if backing up of data may take time if the database is large
  • Fixes an issue of preventing patient identifying data storage

Manually enter test results

  • Change significance on manually entered results. For example, marking a test as a milestone baseline

Version (3 June 2018)

Software Installation

  • When installing your software, Windows will now recognise and supported the software as it is digitally signed as an eMoyo software
  • The latest user manual will be downloaded with the software update in a soft copy PDF format  
  • Installing the latest software will automatically migrate data from your old software

Assistive Interpretations

  • This update introduces objective interpretations based on various standards for PLH, STS, pure tone test and ototoxicity monitoring.
  • The user interface of the assistive interpretations has been improved, with test comparison tables created for baseline and follow-up tests to allow for easy reading

Manually enter test results

  • Have audiogram results from a different audiometer? Enter the test results from the third party onto the KUDUwave 5.
  • Add a test date on the results and make notes.

Dashboards/Smart Folder

  • This update added and improved on smart folders. When seeing a specific patient group (i.e. Ototoxicity monitoring), you will get tests specific to that patient group. Such as baseline, screening and exit tests
  • Now there are smart folders for school screening and occupational audiology

Pure Tone Audiometry

  • Test individuals with OSHA protocols for occupational/ industrial audiology
  • The minimum threshold that the " Auto Air and Bone [Octaves 250Hz to 8kHz - SANS 10182]" can test to was decreased from 0 dBHL to -20 dBHL
  • Occlusion effect offsets were updated and set for insert earphones as per Dean & Martin  (2000)


  • Fixes an issue were the software hangs when the sound cards are not correctly set. Software now set sound cards for the end-user upon installation
  • Added additional Spanish language support

KUDUwave settings

  • Fixes issue of printing out similar QR code images
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